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Improve Your Game With These Basketball Training Aids

Using some effective basketball training aids to improve your game supplements regular practice and great dedication. We will take a look at some common training aids below.

Some training aids that are used to help hone shooting skills are:


Oversized basketball – This is a practice ball that is about three inches larger in diameter than a regular basketball. This enables you to improve your accuracy while shooting.

Board-less hoop – This aid enables you to shoot baskets without depending on the rebound effect of the board.

Rebounding device – Trains you to shoot without rebounding the ball after every shot.

Shooting straps – Attached to your shooting hand, trains your favored shooting hand to maintain the right form, follow through and release.

The following aids are used to help develop dribbling skills:

Dribbling aid – Strengthens your fingertips in dribbling so that you do not use your palm. Passing and shooting skills also improve due to the improved strength.

Basketball goggles – By blocking your lower vision, forces you into the habit of keeping your head up while dribbling the ball. This teaches you to overcome the tendency to look at the ball while dribbling.

The next aids are used for speed training:

Speed parachute – Also used by sprinters and football players, provides resistance when running. By holding you back the parachute helps you increase your speed using the principle of a parachute.

Agility ladders – Develops eye-foot coordination, nimbleness and agility. You can use a regular ladder to achieve the same result.

Vertical jumping is an integral part of basketball and this skill can be improved using the following aids:

Jump boxes – By strengthening your leg and calf muscles this aid improves your ability to jump and overall strength.

Weight belt – Improves your vertical jump and increases overall strength. Such improvement enables better rebounds and perimeter shots. This is also available in ankle weight belt form.

Jump soles – Attached to your shoes during practice and training, improves leg strength and jumping ability.

Increasing physical stamina is an important part of training and can be achieved with the following aids:

Jump ropes – Probably the most basic and cheapest of all aids, they are effective too. Weighted jump ropes are even better. Regular use improves the cardiovascular system and strengthens calf and leg muscles.

These are only aids which can be used to help improve your game. They do not automatically make you a better player however. Regular use combined with dedication, hard work and a passion for the game will yield the best results. It takes consistent practice to develop the skills and physical stamina required to be a top basketball player.


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