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Improve Your Moves With Style

While it is a team game, basketball offers tremendous scope to show individual skills as well. For some, their best is brought out when playing this game. The individual moves that set up scoring opportunities are extremely valuable during a game.


Some unique moves with proper timing will improve your game and gain major advantages over your opponents. These have to be so good and executed with perfect timing that it will show off your unique style and way of playing. Some moves are listed below for you to learn and use to exploit your opponents' weaknesses.

The Dribbling: Changing the direction of the dribble by bouncing the ball from one side to the other is called the crossover dribble and has style and finesse to it. This maneuver is sure to confuse the defender and exploit the confusion to change his rhythm and momentum.

The Pass: Passing the ball while your feet are in the air, when done right, is sure to confuse your opponent by causing a fake shot which enables your own team to try for a scoring shot. This shot in your repertoire is sure to improve your game.

The Assists: Another form of passing play is called the back door pass. This is executed by forcing your opponent to concentrate on you while a teammate positions himself behind the player with the ball. This leaves the opposing team vulnerable and offers the waiting player an opportunity to score a point.

The Finger Rolls: A stylish and effective way to improve your game is to perfect the finger roll shot. This is executed by holding the ball up during lay-ups and spinning the ball before dropping it into the basket. This shows finesse and grace and the ball gently rolls along the rim of the basket and stylishly scores a point.

The Jab Step: Another move to add to your game and to your style and advantage is the Jab-Step. A less frequently used ploy, this is used to assess the defender's weakness and anticipate his next move. This is done by holding the ball and moving the foot not used for pivoting, forward and backward.

Keeping your unique moves secret is a great advantage. Eventually, a good move is always observed and most probably adopted by your opponents but as long as it isn't, it works out in your favor if the move is good.

These are just a few of the moves you can make in basketball which can be utilized to keep your opposing team off guard. In addition to being a good shooter, being able to fake out your opponent will go along way towards making you a star player on the team.


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