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Standards For Basketball Shoes

Considering how much running around the court the game of basketball demands, it really is absolutely necessary to have a pair of shoes that is comfortable and very strong. This is why players make it a point to invest in a good pair of basketball shoes. Basketball has movements like blocking, running, jumping and shooting so there is a lot of sideways and backwards movements besides the regular forward ones. You really do have to have a pair that can withstand all of this.


So a player has to be wise and choose right. First of all, the shoes have to last and take all that wear and tear on the court. They also have to be strong and yet pliable enough not to cause injury to the players. Then they have to be a comfortable fit. All those many complicated and intricate moves need a shoe that is strong enough to handle them as well as comfortable enough to facilitate them. The shoes have to handle speed as well as side to side movements, all the while providing comfort.

There are so many different varieties of basketball shoes that are available. Let's go through a few of the popular choices. Each player is different, each player's moves are different and what is comfortable to one might not be so for another. One finds however, that the power players seem to go for the high-top shoes because they obviously look for the best possible protection for their ankles. The all-rounders usually choose the basketball shoes with the mid-soles. The fast ones or the speedsters go for the lightweight ones with the low tops because they want to move as quickly as they can with no restrictions.

Then, of course, you come up with basketball players who wear regular, ordinary tennis shoes when they play. This could however, expose you to a lot of injuries which could come about because these shoes tend to slip and skid. They also do not make for a very good grip so there could be even more chances of injuries.

What exactly are basketball shoes made of? They could be made of leather, canvas or synthetic leather. Of these, synthetic leather is the most popular simply because it is so light and yet so enduring. With natural leather, there could be a bit of stretching and this is dangerous for the player. Some of the leading brands do have basketball shoes that are a combination of synthetic leather and natural leather or textiles.

You have to just look around and you will see that many basketball teams are sponsored by shoe manufacturers. With the many brands available, one has to ensure that the basic standards like durability, comfort, traction, support and style are present. The great thing is the fact that with the game becoming so popular, both men and women have a wide choice of basketball shoes to choose from.


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